Announcing The Phoenix Fiction Sampler Bundle and Flames of Courage

Okay, people, I have a lot of awesome news, so buckle up. 


First off: 

The Phoenix Fiction Sampler Bundle came out yesterday! Woohoo! 

PFW Sampler Bundle 3D.png

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention (yeah, I’m looking at you), PFW is an indie author collective that I’m part of. We are a group of authors who write speculative fiction, record podcasts, publish blog posts, and just run around being generally awesome.

Our bundle is a sample pack of all of our writing. It includes a total of 11 stories: Seven books, two novellas, and two short stories (yes, those two short stories are by yours truly). You can get all of these stories in ebook form for $5.99

If you were to buy all of these ebooks separately, it would cost $39.89. Yep. I did math. I almost died. But I wanted you to know what an incredible deal this is, so there you have it.

Aside from the great value, this bundle does contain some of my absolute favorite stories.

PFW Sampler Bundle Cover Fan.png

It has stories by E.B. Dawson, Kyle Robert Shultz, Beth Wangler, Nate Philbrick, J.E. Purrazzi, and K.L. + Pierce. Basically: All of the best indie authors on the planet. 

What? I’m totally not biased. 

This bundle will only be available for 2 weeks, which means this offer ends on 08/11. Go grab your copy now! 

Did you do it? Yes? Okay. You are clearly a very smart person. 

Let’s move on to the second important piece of news:

Flames of Courage, the second short story in the Terebinth Tree Chronicles, is releasing on 08/18/2018. Behold: 

Flames of Courage Cover small.jpg

One sorcerer. Four assassins. Uncover the stories of the warriors who will one day band together to kill the most powerful being in their world.

As a halfblood with a powerful secret, Jayel does not intend to spend the rest of her life hidden away in a desert oasis. She rejects what everyone is telling her: Halfbloods don’t. They don’t become warriors. They don’t become heroes. They don’t make a difference

One of the last of the Athelan, a line of royal guardians with the ability to control fire, Jayel is ready to take a stand against those that oppress halfbloods. Nobody is willing to join her in this fight, so she’ll take it on all by herself.

But as she leaves her small tribe behind, she finds that justice isn’t always pure and fighting alone isn’t always easy.

Flames of Courage is the second short story in the YA Christian Fantasy series titled The Terebinth Tree Chronicles.

Flames of Courage Promo Image.jpg

Because you are smart and subscribed to this newsletter, you are some of the first people to know about the official release date. You are also among the first to read the synopsis. Do you feel privileged? I hope so. Don’t forget to add the short story on Goodreads!  

Now, you’ll probably want to brush up on Colors of Fear before the release of this story, which is one of the many reasons you should buy the PFW sampler bundle….Colors of Fear is one of the stories included. Or you can be stupid and buy it separately on Amazon

I’m not judging. 

Who am I kidding? I’m totally judging. Get the sampler bundle. 

You will be receiving more fun information about Flames of Courage as the publication date approaches. Rumor has it that I may also be sending out the first page or so of the story sometime this week. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Okay. Those are the two main pieces of news. Other fun tidbits include: 

 - Beth Wangler’s Child of the Kaites released yesterday and we did a livestream to celebrate! You can watch it here and check out the book here. Also, reason #398 to grab the sampler bundle: Her novella, The Weavers’ Blessing, is included in it. 

- E.B. Dawson’s Under the Skin released last month and I was supposed to do a livestream to celebrate, but wasn’t able to due to health problems. However, just because you can’t watch our livestream because it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the book. Aaaand: You guessed it. Book 1 of this series is in the sampler bundle. You’re welcome. 

Have any questions about the PFW bundle or Flames of Courage? Let’s hear ‘em!

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