Ep 11 of #ChatWithIndieAuthor: K.L.+Pierce

K.L.+Pierce writes Christian speculative fiction, is a fellow Phoenix Fiction Writer, and also hosts some amazing hashtags on twitter. In this video she discusses writing Christian fiction, crafting anti-villains, re-writing and re-launching her novel, and more.

Remember: You can listen to this chat on iTunes.

You can find Kirsten’s amazing novel, Two Lives, Three Choices, here.

Check out her PFW page here.

Did the hashtag games we mentioned sound awesome? That's because they are. Check out #AuthorBookClub and #WIPFinds on twitter!

You will be pleased to hear that Kirsten did, in fact, write that blog post about anti-villains. Yay! It’s full of great tips, so check it out here.

Are you following K.L.+ Pierce online? Well? Are you?? If not, go fix this mistake immediately: 

When is the next #ChatWithIndieAuthor episode? I’m glad you asked! August 22nd will bring us a new video with another epic indie author, so keep your eyes peeled!

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