Announcement: The Terebinth Tree Chronicles to Release on 02/02/2018

Yes, it is the first Monday of the month. Yes, I usually send out my newsletter today, complete with book recommendations, a writing tip of the month, writing updates, and other fun tidbits. 

No, I'm not going to do that this month. Why? Well, it's partly because I have terrible planning and it's 4:38 PM on Sunday and I just realized that I didn't put together a newsletter and absolutely don't have the time or willpower to do so. 

But mostly it's because I am burdened with the glorious purpose of delivering you one solitary piece of news and didn't want to overshadow it with any other information. 

Are you ready for this news? Prepare yourselves: 


*dramatic pause* 

I am launching a new series of indie-published short stories come 02/02/2018. I picked that date because it's pretty and easy to remember. Aren't I clever? 

Yep. For those of you who keep asking me, "When is your next publication?" You can stop asking. The date is Friday, 02/02/2018. Go mark the day on your calendar with glitter...or Batman stickers. Or both (if you choose this option: Please send me pictures). 

So, what exactly is this series of short stories? 

They are a collection of YA Christian Fantasy stories under the umbrella title of The Terebinth Tree Chronicles. They share the same universe and characters as my novel, The Stump of the Terebinth Tree, which is a tale of four assassins banding together to kill a demonic sorcerer and have faith in something beyond their own swords. These short stories will be set before the events of The Stump of the Terebinth Tree and will explore what led each character to become assassins in the fight to overthrow the sorcerer.

Like an origin story. But the type that's actually relevant and not boring. 

The first short story will be released on 02/02/2018 and will tell Wanderer's story. The main character of The Stump of the Terebinth Tree, Wanderer is a desert elf who hungers to travel far outside of his oasis, but is tethered to his home by family duties, lack of training, and more than a little bit of fear. 

The synopsis, story title, and cover will all be released at a later date, so keep an eye out.

These short stories can be read as stand-alones from each other as well as The Stump of the Terebinth TreeHowever, there will be Easter Eggs connecting them all, so you'll want to read them as a whole to try to catch all of the references. It'll be like PokemonGo, except without the potential for walking into fountains. Or off of cliffs. Or into other people. So, basically: Safer. 

You're welcome. 

Stay tuned for more information. Subscribe to my newsletter. Follow my Youtube channel. Stalk my social media. Send me a barrage of emails asking me for updates. Okay, maybe (definitely) not that last one, but you get the point. 

Until then, if you have questions or comments, please leave them below! Who here is interested in reading this series? I'd love to hear from you!