Nerd Quote of the Month for March

Hello there!  Want to take part in a friendly nerd competition? You've come to the right place:

March 2016 Nerd Quote of the Month

"I was gonna put it in a box!"

You know the drill: If you think you know where this quote comes from, leave a comment below. And don't shame the geek world by using Google or looking at the comment section. I'll be releasing the answers in 3 weeks (March 28th), along with a tally with who is right (The Nerds) and who is wrong (The Newbs). Which group will you be in? Test your nerd powers! Make me proud.

This is just a fun way for geeks to collaborate and compete. Please share around! I'm always looking to connect with others, so leave a comment below with your guess, your name, and a link to your blog or social media. I'd love to swing by and say hello!