Nerd Quote for February: Answer Key

So. I was supposed to send out the answer last week. I'd like to have an elaborate and legitimate-sounding story as to why I didn't do this, but I don't. The truth is simple: I forgot. My bad. 

In case you don't remember, here's the nerd quote of this month:

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." 

7 people joined the game. All 7 knew that this quote is pulled from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and a few people pinpointed the fact that this line is how Liesel ends her book. So everyone here is a Nerd and nobody is a Newb! *gives high five* You guys are making me proud. 

What is your favorite quote from The Book Thief? Leave it in the comments section below!