Nerd Quote of the Month: Can You Identify It?

Hey guys! If you're signed up for my monthly newsletter, you'll have seen that I have a bit of a nerd competition going on. Come on in and join the fun! 

"The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you."

Think you know where this quote is from? Leave a comment below with your guess! I'll be releasing the answer on here and Facebook on the 21st of this month, along with a tally of how many people got it right and how many got it wrong. Which group are you in: The Nerds or The Newbs? Test your geek powers! And don't you dare use Google. That's cheating and is frowned upon in this establishment. 

This is just a fun way for nerds and geeks to collaborate and compete. Please share around! I'm always looking to connect with others, so leave a comment below with your guess and your name/blog. I'd love to swing by and say hello!