The Stump of the Terebinth Tree*

Caught between fiercely battling forces of light and darkness, a young elf struggles to assassinate a demonic sorcerer and find faith in something beyond his own sword. 

As a young desert elf, Wanderer never planned to become an assassin. But with his homeland threatened by a tyrannical sorcerer possessed by evil itself, he now knows that this is his chosen path. Setting out with a half-blooded she-elf and two thieving humans, he has a simple plan – assassinate the sorcerer before it is too late. But sorcery must be fought with sorcery and Wanderer soon learns that magic is a cruel master: It preys on the body and mind, breaking the soul and twisting reality. 

As pain and death surround him, Wanderer must learn to rely on faith and friendship to finish this mission with both his life and sanity intact. 

*The Stump of the Terebinth Tree is an unpublished YA Christian fantasy novel. I am currently in the rewriting phase.