Sounds of Deceit

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Genre: YA Christian Fantasy

Series: The Terebinth Tree Chronicles #3

One sorcerer. Four assassins. Uncover the stories of the warriors who will one day band together to kill the most powerful being in their world.

Death and destruction. Those are the consequences of being a magician under Elgar's rule. Ailith once thought that she could be the exception, but now she sees that her skillset only brings about pain, even upon those she intends to protect. Convinced that there is only one solution, Ailith buries herself in obscurity and turns her back on the warrior life.

It is a simple decision at first, but one that grows more and more complicated as Elgar, a tyrannical sorcerer, continues his reign of death and injustice.

When Ailith is offered an opportunity to fight against Elgar once again, she must decide: Will she continue to live in fear of her powers? Or will she embrace them, no matter the consequences? 

What reviewers are saying…

9 Amazon reviews, 4.5 stars

“Stunningly unique and original, full of great lines and complex characters. The magic system that Heath has created is utterly intriguing.” ~ E.B. Dawson, author of the Creation of Jack series

“Ailith and her brother Dorran somehow have levels of depth that surprised me. It's HARD to create likable, relatable characters with a short story, but Heath does it superbly.” ~ Janelle Garrett, BookNest reviewer and author of The Steward Saga

“A kick-butt main character, awesome sibling dynamics, and a further dive into the world of The Shard make this story an instant favorite.” ~ R.M. Archer, Amazon reviewer