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Genre: YA Christian Fantasy

Series: The Terebinth Tree Chronicles #1

One sorcerer. Four assassins. Uncover the stories of the warriors who will one day band together to kill the most powerful being in their world.

Fear. It is all around him. Wanderer sees it in the eyes of his fellow desert elves as they set out to fight a war that consumes countless lives. Hears it in his brother’s coughs as black magic slowly kills him. Feels it as strange colors appear in midair, seeking to suffocate him.

No matter how he twists it, he can only see two choices: Leave his sick brother and join a war where he will surely perish, or face his brother’s dying days and let his world be destroyed without putting up a fight.

To face one fear is to flee from another. Whichever path he chooses brands him a coward, but he cannot run any longer. Wander

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