Flames of Courage

Flames of Courage Cover small.jpg

One sorcerer. Four assassins. Uncover the stories of the warriors who will one day band together to kill the most powerful being in their world.

As a halfblood with a powerful secret, Jayel does not intend to spend the rest of her life hidden away in a desert oasis. She rejects what everyone is telling her: Halfbloods don’t. They don’t become warriors. They don’t become heroes. They don’t make a difference

One of the last of the Athelan, a line of royal guardians with the ability to control fire, Jayel is ready to take a stand against those that oppress halfbloods. Nobody is willing to join her in this fight, so she’ll take it on all by herself.

But as she leaves her small tribe behind, she finds that justice isn’t always pure and fighting alone isn’t always easy.

Flames of Courage is the second short story in The Terebinth Tree Chronicles, a YA Christian Fantasy series that introduces you to the main characters in The Stump of the Terebinth Tree.