Why Donate?

Disability is something that shows up a lot in my writing, and slavery is also an issue that I delve into in The Terebinth Tree Chronicles. Slavery and disability are often topics that get pushed aside in our society. They’re a Big Unknown to a lot of people, and are painful to discuss for others. This has lead to a lack of awareness that allows the problem to perpetuate. It’s because of this that I work to represent these topics in my stories.

However, aside from writing about disability and slavery, I felt it was important to help others continue ministering to these communities as well. That’s why, after a lot of prayer and research, I decided to donate 10% of my writerly earnings to Joni & Friends and Latisha’s House.

So what are these two organizations, exactly?

Joni & Friends is an amazing disability ministry that works to provide wheelchairs for people around the world, while also spreading the gospel and providing emotional support to the disabled community. They also train people to advocate for justice and equality for all those impacted by disability.

Latisha's House is an incredible safe-house organization that provides safety for female victims of sex trafficking while also working to empower them to live healthy, productive lives.  

10% of all money earned through book sales, merch shop sales, ad sales on my blog, and affiliate linking go towards supporting Joni & Friends and Latisha's House. Thank you for your support!