Meet the voices in my head: 

Characters from Colors of Fear


Age: 17 

Race: Desert elf

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Golden brown

Height: 5' 7"

Siblings: Fendred (Nickname: Twig) 

Personality: Difficult circumstances have led to Wanderer's outlook being far, far different from the mindset of the typical desert elf. While most of his people are brave to the point of recklessness, Wanderer is plagued by fear and doubt, unsure of his place in the world or his faith in the Creator. He has an intense love for his younger brother and is terrified of having to watch him slowly die of a sickness that Wanderer can do nothing to stop. Though he sees his fears as his largest flaw, Wanderer displays great courage each day as he struggles to make the right choices in spite of the darkness around him. 


Age: 12

Race: Desert elf 

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Auburn 

Height: 5' 4" 

Siblings: Wanderer

Personality: His illness causing him to be wise beyond his years, Twig tries his best to keep from burdening his family. Half-hearted jokes and a laid back personality help him cope with his sickness, though he's never quite found a way to deal with the fact that his tribe shuns him for his illness. Isolated because of his tribe's supersition, he spends his time listening to the local storyteller, drawing strength from the tales of bravery and adventure. 


Age: 38 

Race: Desert elf

Eye color: Gold 

Hair color: Auburn 

Height: 4' 5" 

Siblings: None

Children: Wanderer and Fendred (Nickname: Twig)  

Personality: She is fiercly proud of her family and would do anything to protect  them. Her husband's death upon the battlefield left her with two elflings to care for. Her tribe refuses to lighten her burden because of the superstition surrounding Twig's sickness, so she relies heavily on her faith in the Creator and her deep love for her family to carry her through hard times. Helpless to cure the illness eating away at Twig or ward off the fear that surrounds Wanderer, she works hard to remain calm, brave, and compassionate, hoping that her actions will lend strength to her struggling family.