Hi friend!

My name is Hannah Heath, and I write Christian Speculative Fiction like you’ve never seen before.


A bold statement, I know, but that’s me. I believe in going big or going home. And, in case you can’t tell from my neon hair or brightly-colored logo, I’m also a highly unconventional person. After all: A Christian in love with sarcasm and dark stories? An author who’s hands hurt every time she writes? A science major who reads comic books between lab periods? A listener of Twenty One Pilots who adores classic novels? That’s unusual. A little weird, even. But that’s who I am.

This unusual approach to life has spilled over into the way I tackle my writing. As somebody who has struggled with chronic Lyme disease, I know that life can be hard sometimes. Because of this, I make it a point to write stories of struggle and strength, of darkness and light.

Most of my stories feature disabled characters and magical settings. I say most - not all - because each of my stories are a little different, even from each other. What all of my stories do feature, however, is honest writing, strong themes, unique cultures, and colorful world-building.

I hope you like that kind of thing. I know I do.

A few extra details…

I live in Southern California, where I am attempting to build a universe, read all of the books on earth, join every nerd fandom within reach, and graduate from college without driving myself or my professors crazy. Sometimes I suffer horrible bouts of panic in which I think this may not be possible. When this happens, I take comfort in drinking chai tea, walking on the beach, and spending time with my parents and two favorite (and only) brothers.

I can be found fangirling at bookstores or quoting Marvel and Lord of the Rings at anyone who will listen. When I'm not doing that, you can find me at my writing desk through any of the following forums:

You can also visit me on my blog or over at the Phoenix Fiction Writers where I host a writing podcast. Be sure to stop by and say hello sometime!