I am an author of YA Christian Fiction and Fantasy and I believe that words hold a special kind of magic. They have the power to open the mind, to change the heart, to transform the world. Because of this, it is my goal to use this magic to create stories that encourage and inspire the people who read them. By writing stories with souls, I hope to better the lives of those around me.

I live in Southern California, where I am attempting to wield magic with my keyboard, read all of the books on earth, join every nerd fandom within reach, and graduate from college without driving any of my professors crazy. Sometimes I suffer horrible bouts of panic in which I think this may not be possible. When this happens, I take comfort in drinking chai tea, walking on the beach, and spending time with my parents and two favorite (and only) brothers.

Skies of Dripping Gold is my debut story, but I hope to traditionally publish my YA Christian Fantasy novel, The Stump of the Terebinth Tree, just as soon as I can hook myself a literary agent.

I can be found fangirling at bookstores or quoting Marvel and Lord of the Rings at anyone who will listen. When I'm not doing that, you can find me at my writing desk through any of the following forums: